Can I take my notes with a remarkable tablet and import to Obsidian?

I’m still evaluating whether Obsidian would be a good note-taking app for me.

I prefer to use handwritten notes for the most part. I use a remarkable 2 tablet to capture these notes. I still do use text notes most of these are in org-mode format, but I’m open to switching to md.

  1. Is it possible for me to take notes with my remarkable tablet and upload them to Obsidian? These would be stored as a pdf.

  2. Can I create links to the pdf?

  3. Can Obsidian do OCR on these notes which are in pdf form? If not, is there planned support for this?

In general, I’m looking for something can both store, link and search handwritten pdfs and text.

It might be better to ask this question of Remarkable communities. Obsidian can take anything you can do to a text file, so I imagine there are options, but I don’t know of any other Obsidian users with a Remarkable tablet.

I’m still new to Obsidian so I can’t comment too much on its PDF capabilities but I also use a Remarkable 2.

Keep in mind, Obsidian isn’t cloud based so we don’t have a concept of “upload to Obsidian”. For now, the best we can do is either:

  1. Email the note as PDF from the Remarkable to yourself and you have to manually add that PDF to your vault
  2. Use the Remarkable’s ‘Send as text’ feature and send it to yourself in an email. From there you can copy the text of the email to your Obsidian vault.

I’m using method 2. I intend to see if I can write a VBA macro for Outlook to automatically copy the text from an email that came from Remarkable to my vault.

Other than those methods, I can’t think of any other way of doing this.


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I’m looking into this, too. I would prefer to use only the reMarkable for my new Zettelkasten, but that may not be feasible, mostly because of the less than stellar organisation features on the rM, so I will build the Zettelkasten in Obsidian as well, in parallel, and see which of the two I’ll be using more.