Can I move search icon to the ribbon?

What I’m trying to do

move the search icon (magnifying glass) from the top of the left sidebar to the ribbon

Things I have tried

Ive searched various permutations of move/search icon/ribbon in the help docs, forum and the wider internet. I’ve changed themes, left clicked, right clicked, dragged and dropped always in vain.

I use search all the time. But I prefer to keep the left sidebar closed because it takes up screen real estate that I dont want to give up. So searching is three steps: open the sidebar/search/close the sidebar
I’d much prefer to relocate the icon to the ribbon (which I do leave open and where it would get way more use than any of the icons already there), but I am unable to figure out how to do so.
is this possible? Thank you!

You could use the Commander community plugin to add Search to the ribbon.

I don’t use it at the moment, but have used
GitHub - Quorafind/Obsidian-Float-Search: A plugin for searching text by using Obsidian default search view. in the past. You could try that as well to see if it works for you.

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Brilliant. Works just like I wanted. Thank you!

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