Can I Link a Word to a URL

I looked around but did not see anything. What I want to do is not link to an internal page. I want to write something like “Awesome Article” in a document that I publish externally. When someone clicks on the words “Awesome Article,” they are taken to a weblink. I want to avoid long, cumbersome web addresses. I would like to make clickable links in my documents. Is there a way to do this? When I select a word and then open the command palette, I was expecting to see a way to “paste link,” but there isn’t one.

Sure! Markdown formatting for a link looks like this:
[link text](

If you press cmd/ctrl+k, it will insert that syntax.

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@JBLaing there is also the third party plugin “Paste URL into selection”

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Oh, and it is on the Command Palette! It’s just “Insert Link”, not “Paste Link.”

Splendid. Thanks!