Can I hide the LOWER left sidebar buttons?

Hi there. I’m loving Obsidian so far, but don’t like how crowded the left sidebar is. I’ve found plug-ins to remove the ribbon options. But is there a way to remove the three buttons at the bottom? Open New Vault, Help, and Settings? I only ever use Settings, and I don’t mind just going to it in the Apple menu when I need it on occasion. So if there was a way to remove just the vault and help buttons that would be ideal; but I would be happy even to hide them all. Thanks!

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Use CSS snippets. This is all you need:

.side-dock-settings {
    display: none;

Save it to a file in .obsidian/snippets, go into Settings → Appearance, reload the snippets at the very bottom of that page and turn it on.

Edit: without the last one (settings):

.side-dock-settings div:not(:last-child) {
    display: none;

Thank you so much. I think I know how to do all of this except the maybe most simple thing: create a css file. I just created a new file using TextEdit, with nothing but the code you provided in it, and then changed the file ending to .css rather than .rtf. I saved that in the .obsidian/snippets file. But the effect doesn’t happen (the sidebar options don’t disappear) when I turn that snippet on, so I’m assuming I messed up in creating the css file. Any suggestions?

It’s possible the css file isn’t plaintext (manually changing .rtf to .css doesn’t produce a plaintext file).

In TextEdit, from the menu items Format > Make Plain Text, and then confirm it’s a .css file. That should do it.

An easy to use, but powerful text editor alternative for macOS is TextMate.

Amazing, that did it. Thank you!

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Should say: this code worked perfectly, once I got the plain text figured out. Thank you!

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