Can I have Wikilinks only suggest current folders' notes, unless explicitly typed in a different folder?

Hello, noob here! Is it possible to have Wikilinks autocomplete (and I guess by extension, list note suggestions) only within the scope of the current folder? Similar to using a terminal/shell, where one can hit tab to autocomplete based on folder scope. First by folder name followed by file names, in alphabetical order. Imagine trying to navigate a terminal but all the folders and files are all global lol. That’s what using Wikilinks feels like at least.

I’m starting to require folders in my notes and find it inconvenient to type a WIkilink and then dozens of suggestions pop up in no real order or without the ability to autocomplete the folder name either. It makes it difficult to separate general topics into folders. For example, if I had all of the Star Wars stories written in one vault, I would want to have each movie, book, etc in a different folder, occasionally cross referencing certain items/locations/characters/etc.

The closest I’ve gotten is to exclude each individual folder in the “exclude files” option in the settings. The notes in these folders aren’t shown as suggestions. Yet, I can still explicitly link to notes in these folders when needed, which is what I want. Unfortunately, then I can’t do note/tag/etc searches and still have the annoyance of typing the full folder name before being able to access it’s notes.