Can I have more than one backlinks pane for a given note?

Things I have tried

Choosing “Backlinks: Show backlinks” option from the Command Centre when there’s already a backlink pane open.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to set up several backlinks panes, each configured in a slightly different way.
One backlink would, for example, find mentions within “people”-notes, and the other in “meeting”-notes.

If you drag-and-drop the backlinks pane into your main workspace, you can also do split right and/or split down from the right-click menu of the tab. Then you’ve got two backlinks pane, where you can search for various stuff.

And the pane remains linked to the active window, so if you change active document, the backlinks tabs will follow.

In the image below, I’ve done just this, and searches for Mac in one of them, and Mobil in the other. Then I dragged the tabs back into the side panes and now have two backlinks pane showing.


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