Can I have file name in the transcluded header?

I’m more and more leaning towards the project-specific daily notes and the main daily note has a transcluded link to them. The rendered markdown has only transcluded header, making it inconvenient to read rendered content

so most of my daily notes look like


some random stuff

but when the file is rendered, the title in rendered markdown is just header

transcluded content

transcluded content

some random stuff

I also have large that transcludes all my daily notes to one timeline

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You probably want to upvote this: Use H1 or front-matter title instead of or in addition to filename as display name

I actually keep note names on my first line as well as in filenames. It’s tedious but helps with these kinds of issues.

(Note: code block syntax is backtick `, not single quote ‘)

IMO issue resembles a bug than help, given that omission of filename supposedly appears next to link symbol.

I might say this is a #feature-requests , which is to include note titles in heading link embeds.

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