Can I do a “replace all” in all my notes to replace a tag with another one?

Things I have tried

Nothing but looking for a “replace all” command.

What I’m trying to do

I have notes with the tag #:desktop_computer:/:construction: but they should all be replaced with the tag #:construction:/:desktop_computer: . Can I do a global replace all or do I have to change each note? Thanks from a Total newbee.

The Tag Wrangler community plugin will let you do that :).


Thank you!

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So what was the solution for this? I want to do the same thing

For replacing tags specifically, the Tag Wrangler community plugin can be found via Settings → Community Plugins. You’ll have to turn off Safe Mode to be able to browse, install, and enable community plugins. It should have some documentation explaining how to do what you want.
For “replace all” on things that aren’t tags, try a more detailed search of this forum but the answer may be opening your notes in a program other than Obsidian and doing the find/replace there.

Oh, yes! sorry I misunderstood the question. actually I use Tag Wrangler and it’s very helpful. but I was meaning how to do it with javascript.
I’m trying to do an action to replace the tag in the actual note.
The problem is that i have the note text replaced in a variable and don’t know how to replace the text in the note.

@eliumontoya Could you share your code for this? I’m having trouble imagining exactly what you mean and where the tags are in this case. Thanks!

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