Can I create a new note in a folder?

Is it possible to create a note directly in a folder rather than at root level?

Put your mouse on that folder, right click, new note


Perfect, thanks!

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the “right click, new note” solution works great like @GreenChocho
but it gets tedious, and if you want to make [[links]] into a folder, they will be created in the root folder

the solution for links is to put the name of the folder inside the double brackets, followed by a /

[[folder/new note]]

that way the new note is created inside the folder

since it’s tedious to have to write the whole folder name, I rename my folders to just one letter such as “f” for “folder”

that way to create a link to that folder I only need to do

[[f/new note]]

hope that helps


There is a preference for this, too—if I recall correctly, you can tell Obsidian to always make new files in the same directory as the currently-edited directory, in the Root folder, or in a specified folder.


I wasn’t aware of that, I’ll test it out, thanks for the tip

quick question @ryanjamurphy I don’t have more than two sub-folders, but since one of my sub-folders contains all of my permanent zettelkasten notes, I spend a lot of time linking in there.

I created a vault inside my vault, that way I can filter my files to just show my zettelkasten folder as a root folder and make links easily in there. (without all the noise of my main folder)

So far it works alright, but do you see any downsides to this approach?

I think it’s pretty robust, but there’s a few catches. @Dor has crafted a fantastic catalogue of the experience of nesting vaults over here: Nested vaults - usage and risks

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awesome, thanks I’ll check that out!

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