Can I change a setting so that new-panes open on the left instead of the right of the current file?

Things I have tried

Digging through Excalidraw and Obsidian settings on iPad.

What I’m trying to do

I’m plannign to use Obsidian on an iPad with the Excalidraw plugin. My only issue right now is that the “open new drawing in new pane” button opens this new tab to the RIGHT of my currently open file. As a lefty, this means I have to use my hand/arm to cover my notes as I’m drawing which makes it a little inconvenient to glance between both panes for details.

Is there perhaps a way I can add a macro/smt similar to automatically move Excalidraw tabs to the left once created?

If there’s some other plugin I can use or a way for me to try and implement this myself lmk please.


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