Can I Auto Populate recurring meeting using the meeting template

I have been looking around and I can not find if this is a task that I can do or if this needs to be added to “Future Requests”. I am looking to see if it is possible to somehow auto-populate a meeting template. Example: I have a one-on-one meeting every Tuesday with my manager. Can I set up a meeting template to be auto-populated for the next year so that every Tuesday I have a link on my daily note with the meeting linked to the correct day and the correct meeting template used for that meeting? Any and all thoughts would be great!

Is the one-on-one meeting kept in a separate note, separate folder? If so this shouldn’t be too hard to do using Templater. I’ll see if I can whip something up as an example.

Alrighty, here’s something you can add to your daily note:

<%-* if ("ddd") === "Tue") { %>
- [[Meetings/One-on-one/<%"YYYY-MM-DD") %>]]
<%-* } %>

All it basically does is detect if the day is Tuesday, and if so insert a link to to an uncreated meeting note.

Then if you have Folder Templates set up in Templater, the newly created note will automatically use whatever meeting template you’ve set up for it.

Larger note example: On Tuesdays it’ll insert the one-on-one meeting, but not on the other days

### Meetings
- Weekly meeting
<%-* if ("ddd") === "Tue") { %>
- [[Meetings/One-on-one/<%"YYYY-MM-DD") %>]]
<%-* } %>
- Daily meeting

### Other Stuff
- Pretend like I'm working

I love this. Two Questions:
1 What part of that lets us know it is a Tuesday vs a Wednesday
2 Is it possible to have this happen somehow on other Tuesdays-type situations?

Correction “every other Tuesday”

Your original request failed to mention that you only want it every other Tuesday, as in 14 days between each meeting. So the answer provided doesn’t distinguish between that.

To do something like that you need to keep track of the original start of the meeting series, and either count/calculate weeks, or do some other date calculations related to the frequency of your meetings.

@holroy did not fail to mention it, more like wondering if it was possible with the same syntax as stated above. Thank you for your helpful comment on the Data Calculations, will see what i come up with.

  1. The section that uses if ("ddd") === "Tue") is what distinguishes them. You can change Tue to any other 3 letter day abbreviation if you want to use another day.

  2. As holroy mentioned, if you want alternating weeks your best bet would be checking if the week number is odd or even. Something like"w") % 2 === 0.


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