Can I attach files (PDF) from URL (link) without downloading them first?

What I’m trying to do

I want to download and attach a file in one step directly from an URL into my obsidian note with the URL already in my clipboard.

Without separately downloading the file, switching back to obsidian and using the “insert attachment” command, search and select the file in the popup file explorer, click open and finally return to my obsidian note.

Here is an example URL

-Thank you kindly,

Things I have tried

Reviewed this help section Manage attachments - Obsidian Help

Searches I’ve done
attach file from URL
attach file from link
add file from url
avoid downloading files

I think the Local Images Plus community plugin does what you want. It’s a fork of Local Images, which seems to handle only images but maybe it also handles other attachments (I haven’t used either one).

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