Can I ask to write custom Template for money reward?

Hello everybody, I’m new to obsidian, but I have already loved it and was impressed by it’s power.
Though, things that I need are way too difficult for making myself: I have spent a lot of hours on it, but I’m not even close, so I would like to ask someone for paid help.
Idk can I ask for such things on this forum?
If it’s not prohibited, then I’ll tell you what exactly I need, but long story short, it’s about templates. I’m pretty sure that it’s possible with Templater or QuickAdd, but I’m way too stupid for that and all info about it is on foreign language(
P.S. I wouldn’t be surprised, if average advanced user can make it in 1 hour, so it’s not as difficult as u can think :smiley:

I am pretty sure that you will even get help for free in this forum if you describe what you want to achieve… :wink:

In case it’s about a longer and more complicated template, maybe split it in several parts that could be resolved by different community members…


I think I will use ur advice, coz I have just burnt 8 more hours trying to do it myself…
So, I have 5 level folders. I need to create a note in the buttom folder, and give that note Title consisting from 1lvl folder + 2lvl folder + 5th lvl folder names, and I also need to delete 2 left symbols from 5lvl folder.
In the note I need to make a tab (7x6), where 6 raws in 1st column will not excist until I use that at least one time, but they are all links to each other, and they have fake nickname to make it looks shorter, precisely like is alias.
Then I need to put on tags, spaced repetition question mark in 1 place, but it’s not a big deal. Even Part with tab is really easy, since I just need to take note title and connect it with a few symbols.
But my main problem is that I can’t separate slashes in note path and 3 + 4 folder heading, that i don’t need, as well as 2 symbols from 4th folder.
It’s the biggest problem of mine since I need to use it for long hours every day, and I need to make like 500-1k notes like this and then the same notes inside them.
Maybe I do not know any useful Obsidian plugins, but i tried a lot.
It also would be fine If I can make tag in some folders and then paste into my note and make title from them

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