Can Excalidraw drawing files be relocated to the default attachment folder?

The Excalidraw drawing files are put under the “Excalidraw” sub-folder of the default vault.

I wonder if I can move it to the default attachment folder, i.e “attachment” sub-folder of the default vault?

Thanks for any kinds of help!

Dear all,

I finally find the way to do it!
just change the setting of default drawing folder, here is the detail procedures:

  • on the left most icon panel, click “Setting” → “community plugins” → “browse”
  • In the list of plugins, click “Excalidraw”
  • then click “Options”, look for “Drawing folder”
  • Change the folder from “Excalidraw” to “attachment/Excalidraw”
  • change the folder for templates and scripts too!
  • That’s it!

Instead of clicking “Browse” you can scroll down to the list of installed plugins (which also has its own search box in case the list is long).

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Thanks for your comments :blush:

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