Can CSS snippets be used with community themes?

Things I have tried

Searching this forum and Youtube for answers that address this question specifically. I know how to find and install a community theme. I can see how to create a CSS snippet, place it in the snippets folders and activate.

But I can’t find anything talking about how to use snippets with community themes so I can change the color of the italics, for example.

When I create the CSS snippet and activate it, it doesn’t over-ride the community theme CSS and this appears to be a problem that others have had as well.

What I’m trying to do

Make some minor style tweaks to a community theme I like. I’d like to change the color of the italics so it stands out and change the color of H3 so it contrasts more from H1.

U can use ur own css snippet on top of community theme. But u need to ensure urs have equal or higher specificity (CSS Specificity). I believe obsidian gives priority to css snippet but only if it has equal or higher specificity.

One way for u to know, is to open code inspector (Ctrl+Shift+I) and use the pointer (top left corner of the code inspector and click on the element u want to modify). From there u will know how specific u need to be.

This thread has a good bit of examples and will allow you to ask questions about specific CSS modifications to specific themes. Enjoy!