Can all local vaults be named the same?

I use Obsidian on three Apple platforms (Mac, iPhone, iPad) and use Obsidian Sync.

Is it Ok to name all local vaults on my devices the same (”MyVault”)- or does it cause some harm with sync?

I would like to do so, in order to make Shortcuts + Advanced URI plugin (which requires vault name as one parametetr) compatible with all devices I have.

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It should work fine. I use the same vault name on every device, and I use Obsidian with iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux.

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Can I clarify?

A) You want different vaults to have the same name?

B) You want the same vault on different devices to have the same name?

I assumed A), until I read the way jwl answered, and now I am uncertain what the meaning is.

Ahh, I was not clear enough. Sorry about that, @rigmarole .

I have just one vault, which I use on and sync between multiple devices using Obsidian Sync. So, same, one vault, option B.

The reason I asked is that initially I named local vaults to include devices name in it, but when I changed names to be the same (because of Shortcuts reusability) mobile Obsidian gave me some error about duplicate name - but eventually seemed to accept the same name.

Just worried if Sync wants local copies of the remote vault to be named differently…

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