Callouts should support the Admonition Plugin formatting

Use case or problem

In the situation of inserting a code block inside a callout, the formatting is unpratical, because it would be necessary to waste a enormous amount of time inserting "> " on each line of code, as copying and pasting the code does not put the angle brackets automatically. And even if it was the case, the formatting would still be ugly, as the editor doesn’t reconigze the text after the angle bracket as a code block:

(This formatting was done automatically using the admonition to callout conversion from the Admonition plugin.)


Proposed solution

Allowing callouts with the formatting of the Admonition plugin, as in this use case they are more organized, pratical and clean:

(It’s necessary the use of extra backticks in the Admonition block when inserting a code block under it…)


Current workaround

Use the Admonition plugin as before.