Callouts (definitions, theorems etc.) in unlinked mentions

What I’m trying to do

I am hoping to find a way to get “unlinked mentions” to show callouts. I am writing math notes and would like when I mention “Banach space” to have the definition (callout) for Banach space to show up in the unlinked mentions.

Or, if there is another way of linking to a definition or theorem (I’m new so I don’t know if there are other objects rather than callouts which can be used and will show up in unlinked mentions).

Things I have tried

I am using “LaTex-like theorem and equation referencer” but I don’t see how to do this. Using \ref works great for linnking to definitions but I would like some way of automating this process.

Assuming your definition note is called “banach space”, then this should be working for you. Things to check:

  • make sure both the outgoing links and the Backlinks core plugins are enabled (I think you actually only need the outgoing links plugin for what you want, but good to have both active to make sure, I often get the link direction mixed up with this)
  • the match must be exact, except for case. So.make sure you’ve named the banach note well - if it’s “Banach spaces” and your note has the text “Banach space”, it won’t match (aliases are your friend to deal with this if you need to match against multiple words)

Just re-read your post, if you have multiple definitions in callouts in a single note, then what I’ve suggested won’t work for you at all. I don’t know a way of directly doing what you want to do in that case; best advice I can offer is to split your definitions out into a note each.