Callout: Pasting multiple items

Use case or problem

It is not currently possible to copy and paste a list, or multiple items into a callout box.

When attempting to do so, I am only able to add them in one at a time, which gets time-consuming when there are many points to copy.

I’d really appreciate any suggestions on how to resolve this!

Are you using the new type of callouts, requiring the callout text to be quoted (with a leading >)?

If so, you could try the following:

  • Paste your list
  • Select the entire list
  • In Command palette, Cmd/Ctrl P, execute the command: Toggle blockquote

If this is something you’re likely to do a lot, I’d suggest assign a hotkey to that command.

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Yes I am using the new type of callouts, is there any way to use the old version instead?

Also the solution works perfectly, thank you so much!

I’ve not used it extensively, so I’m not sure if that would be any better, but I barely installed the Admonition-plugin, which I consider the old one.

Not sure how that would handle lists and so on, could possibly be easier, but I really can’t tell the pros and cons of using the new style vs this plugin. I just saw a way to do what you wanted using the new style, and suggested that to you.

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