Callout codeblocks incorrectly escaped with ">"

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I wanted to insert html code (or any code containing >) into a callout.

But the > seems to escape the callout block and subsequent lines are not rendered as expected.

Here an example:

> [!example] Code Example
> <body>
>     <h1>HTML First Program</h1>
>     <p>HTML Hello World.</p>
> </body>

is expected to be rendered as:

but is instead rendered as:

  • the h1 and the following lines are plain text and not inside the callout

One way to avoid this issue, is to insert a \ before the first > before a block:

But it means that I can’t copy code as conveniently as before and have to always remove the \.

Am I doing something wrong? How should I insert code into a callout correctly?

Note: There is a workaround using the admonition plugin, but I’d rather use callouts instead. Here the workaround for the code above that renders as expected:

    <h1>HTML First Program</h1>
    <p>HTML Hello World.</p>

Well, Live preview (LP) isn’t the best view to render things. If you try the Reading view, maybe things work as expected.


oh yes you are right, it renders as expected. Thank you!

The problem was that I was using live preview

I was not aware that there were such differences between Live preview and Reading view

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