Call for tasks and subtasks in dataview, considering them as nested tasks

What I’m trying to do

I use daily notes. I have several notes per day with the same structure:

Company: AA
Type: x
Comment: commentonAA

Company: BB
Type: x
Comment: commentonBB

Commpany: CC
Type: y
Comment: commentonCC

I neet, on a separate note, to bring all these information from different notes, into a table where I have columns: Company name, Type, Comment. In each row, I need to import the information I have on all notes. Note that I need to have one row per company, per day. I can have different rows for the same company if they were written in different daily notes.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried to use dataview calling for tags. The problem here is that a tag does not distinguish from different group of notes (I call group to a set of notes for a certain company) in the same note.

I’ve tried to put a task ( - ) with subtasks. I can creat a column for Company Name, but I cannot call for the subnotes to get this information on the same row as the company they are children of.

Something like this is the code I am using

TABLE  regexreplace(Tasks.text, "company:: ", "") AS Company,  
regexreplace(Tasks.subtasks.text, "Type:: ", "") AS Type,
regexreplace(Tasks.subtasks.text, "Comment:: ", "") AS Comment,
Tasks.completion AS "Completion Date", AS "File" 

WHERE file.tasks FLATTEN file.tasks AS Tasks 

But it does not work.
Help will be much appreciated!!