Calendrar Compatible With Both Android And Windows 10?

Hey :wave:

I’ve been desperately searching the web for a Calendar sheduling application that is compatible with both Android and Windows 10.

My wish is to find a suitable and competent Calendar.

I want to Timeblock my schedule and hopefully there is some kind of drag and drop feature and shortcut commands.

I was hoping for it to be markdown friendly and making it possible to have it 2-way synced with my Dayly Planner here in Obsidian.

I have not been finding anything even close to this, maybe im just blinded by the huge piles of information overload haha.

I would be greatly thankful for any kind of advice and suggestions I can get.

Thanks in advance! :smile:

Have you checked out Full Calendar?

It looks very cool!

I dont know any coding yet, but really would like ti learn, do you think that might be causing huge friction or maybe its a good introduction to JavaScript?

I got the plugin into my vault but hasnt been able to try it out fully.

Is there any way to get the Day planner to integrate with Full Calendar? Were hoping to have the timeline function still.

Do you think they would integrate well? :thinking:

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You could post a request on the github issues page and see if the developer wants to make an integration :slight_smile:

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