Calendar View plugin feature request-Text at end of date

I couldn’t find where to ask for a feature for an existing plug-in.
I use the Daily Notes and Calendar plugins, and my files are named 20201225. What I would love is the ability to add text at the end of the date - different text for different days. For example:

20201225 fixed the template bug
20201226 planted hydroponic lettuce

The minute I add text to the filename the file is no longer recognized by Calendar. Perhaps there is already an existing something or other that I could add at the end of the date in my template that would work as a stand-in for additional text? If not, then count this as a feature request.

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Most developers seem to prefer feature requests submitted as Issues on the relevant GitHub repository. Here’s Calendar:

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@ryanjamurphy Is this true? I have to figure out what a github is, create an account and decide whether I have an issue or a discussion before I can talk to the developer? Please tell me there is another way?

You can certainly try other methods, but if they’re not what the developers prefer, I’m not sure they’d be effective. So I guess it depends on how much effort your requests are worth to you!

For what it’s worth, it is very difficult to track and maintain software feature requests without a dedicated system for it. GitHub provides a better experience for both devs and users than any other free option I know of, initial learning curve included.

Thanks for explaining Ryan.

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The GitHub space isn’t intuitive in terms of newbies asking for feature requests. There are header links like “code” “issues” “discussion”, etc. I posted in “discussion” because it wasn’t an “issue” but that was wrong. Turns out “issue” isn’t just for problems or bugs, but feature requests as well. Just a heads up if, like me, you aren’t too familiar with that site.


For reference, the discussion is here:

Also, on Github, “Discussion” or “Issue” are both good options, but Github has better support for tracking “Issues” so that’s usually a better place to post (better visibility and I get notified faster).

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This is a great point and does mean added friction before people can post their feedback and ideas unfortunately. I wish I had a solution to that. FWIW, I am pretty active on Discord, so posting to the #plugins channel is another option.

Thank you for suggesting other options. I had wanted to tell you about “week 53” not being supported, but saw that an issue had already been opened (and now fixed). I also read you idea to split the weekly/monthly/yearly notes plugin. Interesting. As I just finished my quarterly report, I wonder if quarterly notes should be part of your ruminations too.