Calendar view for daily notes

I’m currently using excellent NotePlan application on mobile for my daily notes (

NotePlan has a default calendar view for daily notes, where you can select the day and display the associated markdown file easily. This would be a great addition to Obsidians views. Also the logic that collects the todo’s and events from the daily notes and shows them in the calendar view is a feature I’d be very interested in having with Obsidian, especially after the mobile application materializes. This way I could just collect my daily notes in a note file and synchronize it with the rest of my obsidian vault notes automatically without copying stuff manually like i now do. Then if it’d even have reminder support, I at least could use this system as my main calendar :slight_smile:


Thats exactly what am hoping for! .MD file writing from note plan is coming - but would do no harm to request this of Eduard the developer of note plan 3 - he’s very responsive.

Agree, I would love this feature.

Have you all checked out the third party plugin called Calendar yet?

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Yup. Liam’s Calendar plugin is pretty much what I needed and I’m using it as my calendaring tool on the computer :slight_smile: