Calendar view disappeared

I accidentally close the Calendar view window, now i can’t reopen it in any way.

Things I have tried

  • Finding the option in the three dot menu in the sidebar
  • Open the command palette and find the option “Calendar: Open View” mentioned in the FAQs.
  • Re-installing the plug-in.

Other things that can i try? This simple issue is driving me crazy.

That’s strange — the command should do it.

Have you restarted Obsidian?

I just resolved the issue…i switched from Minimal Theme to Default theme and the window was just resized…but in the Minimal Theme it was non existent.

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How do you change theme= I am experiencing the same problem

The issue showed up after I updated to Obsidian 1.0 and persists after: 1) reinstalling calendar, and (2) installing other appearance themes and returning to Default.
The command “Calendar: Open View” does not exist in the command palette.

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See the Themes section in Settings > Appearance.

Have you been able to solve the issue?

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