Calendar plugin on iOS (mobile): how to view the calendar view?

I have searched both in forums and plugin issues, but I’m still unaware if the calendar view can be enabled in mobile (iOS vertical view).

Steps to reproduce:

  • using Obsidian on iOS, search in command palette calendar:
  • there should be Calendar: Open view (I’m not seeing this)
  • I can see Calendar: Open Weekly Note and Calendar: Reveal active note

Obsidian 1.4.8, community plugins enabled, Calendar enabled
Calendar 1.5.10
iOS 16.6.1

The missing command means it’s already open. On mobile the sidebars can only show 1 thing at a time. Open the right sidebar, tap the name of whatever is visible (Backlinks, Tabs, etc.) or the double arrows to the right of it, then choose Calendar.

in android app:

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