Calendar plugin doesn't work in Brave browser but does in Firefox

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What I’m trying to do

Use the Calendar Plugin with the Brave browser.

When I’m using the Brave browser, I enable the Calendar plugin and the calendar doesn’t appear in the sidebar.

Things I have tried

I tried switching to Firefox and the plugin works.

I’m wondering why the Calendar plugin works in Firefox but not in Brave. Is there something that I can do to fix Brave instead of switching to Firefox?

Which calendar plugin? The one for Obsidian? If so, how are you able to run that from another browser?

In any case, there might be differences between browsers related to which engines they’re using under the hood, and this in general can be the cause why some plugins misbehave in one or the other.

I’m going through a tutorial online for Obsidian. I’m just learning. Now I’m realizing that the browser that I’m using for the tutorial doesn’t have anything to do with my Obsidian issue.

Starting over, when I install and enable the Community Plugin, Calendar by Liam Cain, it says “successfully installed.” But the calendar doesn’t show up in the right side panel.

There should be an icon that looks like a calendar page in the row of icons at the top of the right side bar. You might need to widen the sidebar to see it. It should be there by default, but if it’s not, open the command palette and type “calendar”. If you see 1 calendar command, that means the calendar is already open. If you see 2 commands, pick the one that is not “Reveal active note” (I forget what it’s called, maybe “Show calendar”).

When I widened the sidebar the calendar icon appeared. I feel kinda stupid. Thank You very much.

Don’t beat yourself up – you are far from the first person it’s happened to.

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