Calendar plugin by Liam Cain does not work on iPad?

The calendar: open view hotkey does not show. And it seems like hotkeys don’t work much at all on iPad, none of them actually save or pin to command palette. I add the hotkey, leave settings, come back and it’s undone. But I digress.

There is no way to open the calendar view. When I press the icon, all it does is create a new note with the date as the title.

Does it just not work or is not fully supported on iPad? This is very frustrating.

And if not, is there a particular calendar plugin that DOES work for iPad? Specifically one that shows the calendar as a sidebar on the right and allows me to see notes that were created on certain days or given timeframes?

Calendar works on ipad. After doing the command, open the right sidebar. If the calendar isn’t visible, tap the name of what is visible (Backlinks, Outline, etc.) to go to the sidebar overview, then tap Calendar.

That’s the Daily Note icon.

The command does not show up in command palette at all.

That means the calendar is already in the sidebar.

This is my view. It doesn’t show anything

Open the right sidebar (using the icon at the upper right under the system battery icon, or by swiping out from the right edge).

Tap the title “Backlinks”, or the double arrows to the right of it, to see the sidebar overview (this isn’t a great interface).

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Oh duh, I see. However one last thing if you might know. I saw a reel where someone mentioned their calendar being able to browse notes by the day they were created, like if you pick a certain day it will show what notes were created then. Is that this plugin or something else?

That sounds like either a different plugin or a misunderstanding. If you tap a date in Calendar it will (or can) take you to that day’s Daily Note.

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Okay thanks for the help

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