Calendar: Open View command has disappeared

The Palette command “Calendar: Open View” is no longer present in the Palette. I have “Calendar: Open Weekly Note” and “Calendar: Reveal active note” but that’s it.
The calendar plugin was no longer in my sidebar, so I was trying to reopen it.

Things I have tried

I’ve reinstalled the Calendar plugin, and the calendar is back in the sidebar, but the command is still not there.

I can’t recall seeing this command before. You might want to post an Issue on the Calendar Github repo:

Note that you can still open the calendar via the sidebar triple-dot menu!

Thanks for the tip. The command is mentioned in the plug-in notes:

I accidentally closed the calendar. How do I reopen it?

If you close the calendar widget (right-clicking on the panel nav and 
clicking close), you can always reopen the view from the Command
Palette. Just search for Calendar: Open view.

I’ll go post to the issues in the repo.

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