Calendar listing tasks in Obsidan

Things I have tried

Tried Big Calendar - not yet working, and I don’t need the whole year, so probably something simpler could work?
Tried Fantasy Calendar - this requires note per task to work as I want.
Tried Kanban board - needs additional effort to move my scattered tasks, and also doesn’t present cards by date.
Tried Dataview - can’t do a table with dataview queries in.
Listed tasks by date with Tasks queries without additional formatting (table doesn’t work either) - works, but not as conventional and easy to navigate if you’re talking 4 weeks’ worth of tasks & many tasks.
I searched this forum and examples of Tasks and Dataview uses, but it seems that my workflow is not really popular.

What I’m trying to do

Let me start with saying that I’m really messy. And Obsidian is a godsend for me, because I can make notes and tasks as I go, and I don’t need to put them all in one place - a Tasks query will do that for me. E.g. I am making a literature note, and I see something I forgot to implement in my research protocol, which is due next Monday. I can just add a task in the same note, not having to switch or do any extra movements:

  • [ ] #upcoming-protocol-code implement the same questionnaire

And add due date next Monday.

Then I have a project note which queries all tasks with description including upcoming-protocol-code.

What I would like to do: have a calendar-like dashboard which would list tasks I have scheduled all over the vault for the upcoming 4 weeks or so, per day. With the purpose of having a good overview of what I scheduled for when, so that I could re-schedule if I have overcrowded certain days. Or if I need to travel to a conference in two weeks, I can look at this time and put some things on hold, or fast track them.
Ideally this would need to follow the usual structure of the calendar with 7 columns (yes I work weekends… researcher’s life huh) x 4 weeks, and tasks with due dates would be populated in the respective cells.

Would be grateful for any tips here. Thanks!

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