Calendar as core plugin

Use case or problem

When using Obsidian for project management, many of the notes have dates attached. To be able to plan effectively, it is important to have a calendar view where those dates can be seen over the course of weeks and months. This is also important for personal use.

I had been using the community plugin Full Calendar for this purpose, but it is very limited. It only works for notes in a specific folder and doesn’t adjust properly for international time zones. It seems important that such a function is integrated into Obsidian.

Proposed solution

Develop a core plugin like Full Calendar using the internal intelligence of the Obsidian team.


I’d like to bump this one. With Liam in the Obsidian team now and his calendar plugin seemingly no longer being developed, I would love for there to be a core calendar solution. In my best-of-all-worlds mind’s eye it would be something like Liam’s compact Calendar but which could be expanded out into a Full Calendar experience, and it would incorporate functionality of Day Planner, Time Ruler, and Tasks.

I.e. fully featured calendar and task management in Obsidian core. What a dream! :wink: