Calendar and Tag panes only partially responding?

Hi All, suddenly my two panes down lower right, the Calendar and the Tag panes, are only partially responding.

I’ll show here in a screeshot, some of the Tags are 'clickable, and others are not (I’m clicking on both lines, the second is just unresponsive)



The same is happening to the Calendar pane, normally I could click on a date and it would open up a new page, currently it is unresponsive.

I’ve set it back to the default theme and restarted, no change.

Any suggestions gratefully received :crazy_face:

Not sure why or what, but I just updated Cryptomator, and the issue seems to have settled down. When I reopened Obsidian, it automatically re-indexed itself, so that might be why it resolved the problem.

I did wonder if re-indexing would help, but I wasn’t sure how to do it. Anyhow I’ll mark this as resolved, indexing seemed to do the trick :grin:

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