Calendar 2way-sync: Feature Request

Use case or problem

To link notes to calendars and vice versa for productivity and integration with other workflows

Proposed solution

Calendar/ task events as ics files that convert to from md.

Current workaround (optional)

None yet but full calendar has interesting discussion on github. Might be a good starting point. This feature would greatly propel your usership id think and enable this the best pkm to replsce ms to do and notion and outlook tasks/calendar

Related feature requests (optional

There isn’t a calendar in core obsidian yet, nor dates for that matter, yet
This is too far removed from what we currently have in core that need other things to be done before thinking of two way sync with anything.

Fair enough. Thanks for the reply.
So is it a priority at all to get there?

Or is there a roadmap established of the other things needed( dates, calendar etc ) to get there?

Thanks again for the great app