Calculate and display statistics about some notes

What I’m trying to do

I use notes / templates to manage projects. I create a new note for each project with the tag “project”. When I completed the project, I put “completed” = true and the completion date. Then I use dataview to show all the completed projects by completion date.

I would love to do some statistics on this. Some examples would be:

  • Total number of completed projects
  • Number of completed projects by completion month

What is the best way to do something like that? Is that also using Dataview? How? Or some other way?

Dataview can indeed do that rather easily. You can list your completed projects, group on the date (formatted as “YYYY-MM”), and then use length(rows) to get the number.

How is your date formatted, and what’s the name of the file and/or the date field?

I appreciate your response.

The date format is YYYY-MM-DD. I know how to list the projects and sort them by date.

I’m using this query for it:

TABLE outcome, tags, completion-date
FROM #project and -"Templates"
WHERE completed
SORT completion-date DESC

But I’m still unclear on how to use length(rows) to get the number.
I would like to put something like this below:
Number of completed projects: (then do an inline query)
Maybe number of completed projects by month of completion.

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