Cache tags for faster search

Nearly all my searches involve a tag. And often I use the same tag in multiple searches during the day.

It’s a bit inefficient that Obsidian searches through all files looking for #my-tag. After all, tags are relatively static – during a day, 98% of files probably don’t have their tags change.

So if Obsidian could simply remember which files had the #my-tag tag, the search process only have to look in that subset of files. That makes search a lot faster! :slightly_smiling_face:

My motivation for creating this feature request is the following. Lately I’ve been frequently searching with a specific tag. When I type that tag into the search results, it takes 11 seconds (I timed) before the first results show.

However, that tag is only used in 1.7% of my notes. So several times each day I wait 11 seconds when Obsidian searches in vain through 98.3% of my notes. :sleeping:

Now 11 seconds isn’t a huge amount of time, but my Vault isn’t even 6 months old. So in a year from now, this problem is even bigger and might take 25-30 seconds.

(I searched the forum for similar requests but didn’t find any.)


I echo this. It seems like a crucial feature to have!

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Since I made this request a while ago, search in Obsidian has become very quick. I have the impression that tags are already cached, but don’t know for sure.

But if tag search also works very quick for others, this request can be closed as implemented.

this was implemented a long ago

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