Cache not updated after image modification

Once you’ve done the above, delete everything above this line.

Steps to reproduce

The following tests are in the sandbox.
Link local images in markdown files, which have been tested so far in webp format. Then modify the image in photoshop, obsidian does not update the content of the image modification in real time.
Try to close the TAB and open it again, but it still won’t update the image.

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Expected result

The content of the image is modified by the outside world, and the content of the image will be updated in real time in markdown, such as the local image linked in EXcalidraw can be effectively updated, but markdown cannot do it

Actual result

No updated modified image content


windows 10

Additional information

Please repost this and make sure you follow the troubleshoot guide and the bug report template

it may be enough to close the tab (note) and re-open it

Sorry, originally thought this is a very simple BUG, now fill in according to the template