C-f to search for something, but how go back to previous position?

  1. Press C-f to search for a string in a document, as usual.
  2. “oh, that’s what that part said. Okay, back to work”
  3. Press escape to exit the search
  4. “Wait, I need to manually scroll all the way back to where I was?”

Is there an option or hotkey to exit search and return to where the search started? escape doesn’t seem to be it.

This other issue seems to indicate this is unintentional, and was fixed at some point: Closing Ctrl-F find dialog moves cursor back to last found instance

Obsidian version 1.4.16 on Ubuntu
(side note: none of the “about” screens have an easily copyable Obsidian version number)

This is the latest thread

I don’t think it’s been fixed yet.

Confirmed bug, but three months ago.

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