⌘C (Cmd C, Cmd+C, Ctrl C, Ctrl+C)

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This thread is all one topic, and everyone gets notified, and we’re all here attempting to puzzle this out.

Some apps install components or drivers in the /Library/Preferences/ or /Library/Application Support/ or possibly other locations that persist after deleting the app.

Hard to say! If you’re a developer, you know software can be a wild and wacky world of woe. As a cross-platform CodeMirror app, maybe Obsidian registers those menu hotkeys less forcefully than native apps, and it is easier for it to be wiped out by an external app. (Total speculation on my part.)

At the moment, even though I have no experience with this app, my strongest suspicion is that Jumpcut has some components still installed in the background.

Thanks for the details on the reply system :slight_smile:

Sorry, no updates on this.

Unfortunately given that 0.15.9 has been released to public for almost a month now and we aren’t seeing other reports like this, something weird must be going on with your system.

At this point, I don’t even know what to suggest. I’m not a mac user myself either, so I’m not familiar with what could be wrong.

One thing you could try (if you haven’t yet) is making another macOS user account, put a copy of your vault in there, and see if it still happens. Then you’ll know if it’s something in your main user acct causing it or system wide.


Although it happens in any vault, testing the user like this is a good idea, I’ll try today.

So I don’t seem to trigger the bug in a test account. No idea what I haven’t tried yet to fix whatever’s broken on my own user though.

FYI, in case anyone is still keeping an eye on this: I even re-installed the OS using the Restore utility. Still have the bug. So it’s clearly on my side but I thought I’d update the thread, since the conflict/bug seems to be pretty deep in my user configs but still only affects Obsidian.

Ok, I’m going to close this but first I’ll document my fix, in case someone finds the time to figure out why Obsidian was the only app affected.

Using this thread Where are keyboard shortcuts stored (for backup and sync purposes)? - Ask Different, I found how to see the “highest level” set of shortcut key preferences and discovered that there were only two at that level on my machine:

Ctrl+option+cmd+C, which was set to minimize the current window.
Shift+ctrl+option+cmd+C, which was set to minimize all windows.

By default, it’s M, instead of C for those shortcuts. I don’t remember changing those, since I don’t use them, perhaps Divvy did it or I did it when setting up Divvy. (Btw, I use Ctrl+option+cmd+C for one Divvy config and there’s no conflict.)

Anyway, I’ve set it back to defaults and haven’t experienced the lost Cmd+C shortcut. It might be interesting to know why Obsidian was affected and not other apps, in case something similar surfaces in other use cases?

Thanks for the help everyone!


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