Buying a monitor for Obsidian - Should I go with a QHD UltraWide or a 4K Monitor?

I am torn between getting an UltraWide (21:9), 3440x1440 34-inch monitor and getting a 16:9, 3840x2160 4K 32-inch monitor.

I will mainly be using it for video editing, knowledge work/writing & research. A lot of my time will be gladly spent in Obsidian which is why a large part of my decision is based around it.

Is there any worthwhile advantage to having that extra horizontal space with an UltraWide monitor for Obsidian? And if I were to go with an UltraWide, should I get curved or non-curved (I am worried that a curved display would disrupt video previews when it comes to video editing)?

These are the pros and cons that I currently see between the two.

32-inch 4K (3840x2160) Monitor:


  • Sharper image quality as it’s 4K
  • More vertical space than UltraWide
  • Won’t have to turn my head as much to view my second monitor


  • Less horizontal space than Ultrawide

34-inch UltraWide (3840x2160) Monitor:


  • More horizontal space than 4K 16:9 Monitor
  • Potentially more productivity??? - (I’m not sure)


  • Image quality would be less than 4K
  • Less vertical space
  • Probably won’t find a compatible dual VESA mount for my second monitor

I have been researching this for the past week and would love your thoughts or suggestions on this.

Thanks in advance.

Go with the standard 32" 4K. I have a 32" Dell and even with my one, my eyeballs need to move a lot (with some head movement as well). The wide format just, unnecessarily, stretches things out with the same amount of real estate.

Go with the standard 32" 4K. I have a 32" Dell and even with my one, my eyeballs need to move a lot (with some head movement as well). The wide format just, unnecessarily, stretches things out with the same amount of real estate.

How far away do you sit from your monitor? I tried looking at my 12+ year old 32 inch TV at the distance I sit at and it looked comfortable to me. I sit about 60cm-67cm away from my monitor.

I’d go with the Ultrawide.

For video editing, it’s way better having a bigger timeline

For obsidian, it depends on how you take notes. If you have 1 or more windows opened while using obsidian (e.g. reading a page/book or watching a video/lecture), ultrawide is really useful. If you use only the obsidian window to help focusing, prefer the 32" 4K.

What about only using the Obsidian window with an UltraWide? Does Obsidian support the UltraWide 21:9 format?

Yes, obsidian works with ultrawide.

I have a 2560x1080p ultrawide monitor.

Without the “readable line length”, it would look like this, which I don’t recommend

This is what it looks like with the “Readable line length” config turned on.

As you can see, if you use only one note at a time, there is a lot of blank space. With 2 or more, the ultrawide “bonus width” is best used.

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Probably 50 to 60cm. I don’t like ultrawide. You have the same 4K. If you are into gaming and video editing it may be useful

Added a snippet of the help vault

How do they have the same amount of real estate? The 32 inch 4K has more vertical space but the 34 inch UltraWide has more horizontal space?

Thank you!

What do you mean by “You have the same 4K”?

This is 16:9 right?? Can you read all of that comfortably since it’s a 32-inch 4K monitor?

Edit: Want to ask; What monitor do you use?

Because you said:

But ultrawide is, generally, 1440 or 1600 on the vertical unless you go with 5K2K. So if your edit was wrong you will actually get less real estate

The U3219Q is the Dell I have, and I can read very comfortably. Text is crisp and clear. I have a 27" 4K to the left and right as well

Sorry, that was a typo. The ultrawide resolution I’m considering is 3440x1440, not 3840x2160 (that would be 16:9 :sweat_smile:)

What do you use those two 27” 4K Monitors for?

I’m thinking of getting a 27” 4K Monitor for now until I find a 32” 4K that’s reasonably priced. The ones I can find right now are double the price of their 27” counterparts. I’m willing to spend $200 extra for 5 more inches but not $600-$800 (NZD).

I just checked the price of the U3219Q in my country and it’s $1650 NZD ($1114 USD). I can get a Dell U2720Q (27” 4K) for $800 NZD (540 USD).

How much did you get your U3219Q for?

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One of them is connected to my mac as a 2nd monitor. The 3rd one is connected to a windows laptop that I use for some things

From today’s exchange rate that would be $1540 NZD that I got mine for.

If you really want something basic and you are not going to be gaming then the Samsung UE590 is still a very good monitor for the price

Well, I actually did buy an Ultra wide for the sole purpose of using obsidian The Way It’s Meant To Be … & i regret Nothing

Here’s what my set-up looks like, - the monitor is at least an arms-length (80 cm) away from me so i don’t have to move my head much to look at the corners.

here’s a close up

and finally, here’s a screen shot

The only thing i regret with this purchase is the fact that bought a curved Display…

  • The curvature does practically nothing for me, and it brings no advantage to my setup. the curvature makes sense only when it’s a 32:9 super ultra-wide OR, if you are Really close to the monitor

  • so… I’d suggest going with a flat display if it’s 21:9, especially when the monitor is more than an arm’s length away from your eyes.

  • That said… i haven’t experienced the inconveniences of a Flat ultrawide monitor, so… try before you buy. (if attal possible spend at least 15 minutes with the monitor before you decide to go for a flat ultra-wide…)

:grin: happy shopping :shopping_cart:

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