Buying a commercial license personally but using it at the employer

I’m working at a very large company and would like to use Obsidian at this company, but only for managing my own work. As the company is huge, it’s nearly impossible to let them buy a commercial license. I would be the only person using Obsidian.

So I’d like to buy the license with my private data and use Obsidian on my computer(s) at work. I’m already doing similar stuff with the Jetbrains IDEs.

Is that allowed by the commercial license? Am I allowed to install Obsidian on different computers as long as I’m the only person using it (in my users home directory, so even if other log onto the computer they can’t see it)?

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I suggest DMing @Silver if she doesn’t DM you first!

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Good question. I am sure you will get a very clear answer. In the meantime, this may help some: Question about commercial version

Replied DM, thanks @ryanjamurphy and @I-d-as!