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Thank you for sharing. You have great enthusiasm for explaining it. I have a question, when I create a button for audio recording the audio goes to my notes. I mean the button is in the reading and when I click I don’t see ![[recording]] in the edit page. Of course, as you, know, I can also toggle in and have attachments in a specific folder for example attachments, etc. I think no one is as good as you in using and expanding bottoms, do you know why I can not guide the audio recording to be present on my current note? I want to click on the record and then see the record ng immediately below it next line and I don’t want it to be in another folder and drag and drop it into my current note :). Please help :slight_smile:

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I don’t seem to have the same problem.

I have an attachments folder set. When I make an audio recording, the audio file goes in the attachment folder, and the ![[recording]] link shows up in my note, as expected.

Maybe you can run “Show debug info” in Obsidian, and share that information here.