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With the release of Buttons 0.4.0, Buttons has gotten a super powerful upgrade.

This Topic is to share how you are using Buttons!

Let the great Buttoning commence!


Ok here’s something I didn’t realize could be done with the new Inline Buttons…

Buttons in Dataview


Hello! I have a suggestion, which I also documented just now on the Buttons Git page

  • My tasks page has a nice button
name New Task
type note(New Note) template
action New Task
templater true
color blue


  • which creates a New Note
  • but this New Note has the same title as the next note I create by clicking this button. So it only functions once.
  • I want to be able to name the new note each time I click the button.
  • here is the template it uses, and I would like the Templater tp.file.title function to also operate.
# <% tp.file.title %>

#tasks #inbox

Project:: [[<%tp.file.cursor(1)%>]]
Status:: #active
Date Created:: <% tp.date.now("YYYY-MM-DD") %>
Due Date::
Defer Date::
Recur Length::

Completed Date::
Estimated Time::
  • I would like an option to “Name New Note” in a pop-up window when using a button that creates new notes.

In case you are still searching, i wrote a short post on that issue

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I’m using Buttons in my daily notes to:

  • bring in a checklist of physio exercises I’m having to do twice daily, which when pressed, notes the time I started the exercises
    • the template holding the physio exercises also has a “Finish” button that gets replaced with the finishing time when pressed
  • run iOS Shortcuts that open various screens of various apps as part of my daily tasks:
    name Start Streak
    type link
    action shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=Streak
    remove true
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I tried adding a button into an Kanban card, but it doesn’t work. Is there a way to make this work?

Is the issue that codeblocks don’t work in Kanban cards?

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I use inline buttons with Kanban boards. I think I had to edit the plugin at a certain point.