Buttons in Obsidian without Plugin Button Maker?


is there a way to insert a button in obsidian that inserts a specific text in line XYZ?

i know, there is a plugin button maker and that works well. there is only one problem, that if i click there a button very quickly with the mouse, me also very much text is output. it then does not remain in the line. unfortunately.

now i am looking for a better way.

does anyone have any ideas?

Your going to have to use HTML and CSS if you want to do it with out plugins. I can show you some of my designs if want me to

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thank you very much for the answers.

I think my question has been answered.
because i have seen the 1.4 version from obsidian.

it offers a good frontmatter view/settings.

so the button is done :wink:

now i wait hopefully for the 1.4 download version :slight_smile:

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