Button / Hotkey?

Because I find the underlining more prominent than bold in the editor, I would like to work with underlining on all devices (iPad, Android smartphone and Macbook). Unfortunately, only the button bar of the MacBook version of Obsidian has an underline button. Is there any way I can “underline” or create a hotkey in the “mobile” bar?

There is no underline button in vanilla Obsidian. Perhaps it’s a plugin you are using on the desktop? If so, I wonder if it works on mobile devices? :thinking:

Please note that underlining is not part of Markdown, so you need to use HTML tags in your note to produce underlining.

  • Add predefined text/html code using a command: Templates core plugin or Templater
  • Add a command to ribbon / sidebar etc: Commander

I recommend Templater over Templates core plugin because it offers commands to use specific templates. In particular Templater offers way to set cursor position after using a template.

Another option for you to consider is to restyle bold to become underline in your configuration, since you don’t seem to want to use bold anyways. :slight_smile:

I also thought that as a solution but how would you achieve that?

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