Bullets have disappeared

I am using the Pisum theme in dark mode. I wanted to change the color of bold and italic text. I went into the theme.css and made the changes and it worked well. However, my text bullets have vanished. When I type “-” and space, I get “-” and a space, no bullet. I don’t think I changed anything else in the css file, and I can find no setting for this in settings. Any ideas? I really don’t like dashes instead of bullets.

What I’m trying to do

It’s hard to say exactly what happened without more info, but that doesn’t matter too much.

Copy the modified theme.css to another place outside of the themes folder, then uninstall and reinstall the theme to reset it. That should fix the problem.

Then take your changed theme.css and use it as a reference to make a CSS snippet. Snippets are the way to customize CSS in Obsidian. If you modify a theme’s style sheet directly, you will lose your changes when the theme updates.

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This really makes sense to me and I will do it. So, in /snippets I create a styles.css file and create a snippet of the code I want to replace and the themes css will automatically replace the theme’s code with the snippet code?

Yes, except you have to then enable the snippet in Settings > Appearance, and you can have multiple snippets with different names.

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It worked like a charm, once I remembered the semi-colons. Thanks again for your help.

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