Bulletpoint issue on mobile

As you can see the “cons” subsection isn’t the same in read mode. Im trying to have the pros and cons part be at the same place horizontally. TIA

It looks like you aren’t formatting your lists correctly (every item in a list, including sub-lists, typically need to start with a bullet point). Copy the text you have there into either of these test pages to see what results you get:


Without raw HTML mixed in or other tricks, you could try something like this:

- lava lamp
    - pros
        - epic
    - cons
        - costly
- candle
    - pros
        - romantic
    - cons
        - fire hazard

one more visual test … Markmap

Thank you for the help

Markdown and indentation (including lists) is odd at first, but you get used to it.

Have a look over this as well when you have time:

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