Bullet Point Relationship Lines - TAB vs SPACES

I’m using the Custom CSS from CSS Hacks Meta posts for Bullet Point Relationship Lines

Using tabs vs 4spaces for indentation results in different types of bullet lines.
And when I use

  • 4-spcaes, sometimes the bullets don’t show-up.
  • Tab, the length of bullet line either gets overlapped with other lines or there is a gap between line when there is a line-wrap

Did anyone else face this thing?
Is there any CSS snippet that works correctly for either of these?

Below is a screenshot for reference:

CSS I have right now:

.cm-hmd-list-indent .cm-tab,
ul ul {
  position: relative;
.cm-hmd-list-indent .cm-tab::before,
ul ul::before {
  content: "";
  border-left: 1px solid hsla(0, 0%, 50%, 0.3);
  position: absolute;
.cm-hmd-list-indent .cm-tab::before {
  left: 0;
  top: -5px;
  bottom: -4px;
ul ul::before {
  left: -15px;
  top: 0;
  bottom: 0;

There are user-controlled settings for tabs vs spaces in Preferences → Editor. The editor expects you to use one or the other.