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trying to start using Obsidian more than I have in the past - especially to track meetings, actions etc at work.

If I have a list of tasks within my notes - using the tasks plugin I can ‘turn’ each of these into due date ones which i can then surface via the queries but is there any way I can bulk process these ? ie. I have 10 markdown tasks and I want to bulk add same date on them?

With all the power in Obsidian and plugins there must be a better way to deal with tasks?

Keen to see how others are dealing with this scenario of meeting notes, actions etc.


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Depending on the format of yourlist, you could do a search and replace.

For example, assume your tasks all have date in YYYY-MM-DD format.

Search for: “2022-”
Replace with: “#task :date: 2022-”

Note, inserting the unicode character for the calendar sets the due date of the task to the trailing date.

In the search/replace box you will have to use your OS method for inserting this character. The unicode value is x1f4c5 and, for linux/gnome, must be typed in hex as:

Ctrl + Shift U1f4c5


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