Building Markbase #1 - a non-technical Obsidian Publish alternative

Hey guys,

A bunch of people in the community have found Markbase (without me really doing anything other than uploading it to the community marketplace). So I thought I’d share what I’m working on/progress as I go.

What is Markbase?

Markbase is (another) Obsidian Publish alternative that’s way less technical than all the others. You don’t need to learn about GitHub, configure anything or know about hosting providers (e.g. Netlify).

Literally just takes three steps to set up your own digital garden/blog.

  1. Sign up for Markbase (and get your unique token)

  2. Download the Markbase for Obsidian plugin

  3. Create a project and choose the folder you want to upload online

So imo, it’s as close to the simplicity of Obsidian Publish as you can get (at the moment).

How it’s going

So far 75+ people have signed up to early access and 40+ websites have been created.

You can check out the Markbase homepage to see what a Markbase blog looks like (the homepage was created with Markbase lol).

I’ve got the following features set up currently

  • Fast load times

    • Fast internal links (client-side routing)

    • Statically generated pages

  • Changes go live in minutes! (Just change a file in Obsidian and press the Sync button)

  • Rapid, full-text search

  • View backlinks and a local graph of your notes

  • Optimized for SEO

    • Statically generated

    • Auto-filled metadata for every page

    • Slugs based on your file names

    • Automatic sitemap generation

  • Mobile/tablet optimized

  • Hover links

  • Dark/light mode

  • Table of Contents and section/heading links

But it’s definitely very much in early access. There’s still a bunch of bugs to fix and features to be added (like support for local images). Lots of people have used the public roadmap to vote/suggest features (which I’m grateful for!)

What I’m working on next

  • Adding support for local images

  • Adding support for tags pages

  • Select which pages to share

  • Collapsible headings

  • …Whatever’s highest voted (and reasonable) on the public roadmap

Will post updates here weekly (if the mods allow it) as an easy way to update anyone that’s interested!


Great to see full-text search.

Yep that’s there - I think Publish has that too no?