Building an automated project dashboard – can this be done?

Just got an idea for a “dashboard” view for each of the projects I work on. I already use my daily notes to log my workday, and before I shut down for the day I get through the log, moving stuff around in my Obsidian vault.

But after I’ve found out about “inline searches” in notes, I’ve an idea of building automated dashboards:

Use a set syntax for how things are entered into the daily notes. Something along those lines, or similar dependent on what’s needed to achieve the next step.

# Worklog
- 10:23 – Read [[article Y]] as research for [[project X]]

# Misc
Other free form notes from the day. This one relates to [[project X]]

For each project, I have a note, like Project X. This uses searches to pull in information from my daily notes.

# Dashboard for Project X
Some static notes on the project, backgrund, goals etc.

## Worklog
path:"Daily Notes" line:("project x") <!-- How to limit this to include lines under the # Worklog-header in my daily notes? -->

## Misc
path:"Daily Notes" line:("project x") <!-- How to limit this to include lines under the # Misc-header in my daily notes? -->

While this is a step in the right direction, it doesn’t do exactly what I want/need.

  1. I would like to limit the search to lines in my daily notes that are under the “Worklog” header for the first query and to the “# Misc” heading for the second.
  2. I would like to transclude the result, so that the dashboard notes not only link to the bullet points in my daily notes that are about the project, but actually shows the whole matching lines in the dashboard note.
  3. I would like to change the sort order, from new to old, based on the daily note’s date and use the file name (which is YYYY-MM-DD) as a subheader for each worklog extract.
  4. Instead of displaying the search operators in the preview, I would like to hide it or give it a description that could be used instead of the header I enter in markdown.

Can this be achieved, either with my current syntax for my daily notes or if I change it somehow?

According to this thread this should be an available feature since December. Or am misreading that thread and what are discussed there?

What I also would like to to is to pull in meeting minutes for the project

tags: [meeting minutes, project x]
Meeting notes here

I try this with another query in the dashboard note, but this doesn’t work.

tag: ("meeting minutes" AND "project X")

No matter what I try, different YAML syntax (an array within [] or bullets) or with or without spaces, it doesn’t work.

Search for just one of the tags, when no spaces are included in the name, in the search works though. But here I would like the filename or, even better, the first H1-header to be a link to the note with the meeting minutes. Possible?

(And, regarding tags with spaces, I thought that YAML allowed for that. Am I wrong?)